Westerwald Motorcycle tour

distance: 174 km | driving time: ca. 3,5 h | price: what you feel it was worth afterwards

start and ending: McDonalds parking lot in Willroth, Germany, at the A3 highway

For all ages and engines above 125 ccm | please bring your own motorbike

When? Here you can book a date: http://doodle.com/poll/ivkgie3dvkc9dp2n

For questions just contact bastian@mytravelding.de 

Schloss Arenfels, Westerwald
Picture of Schloss Arenfelfs found at https://walkinggirl71.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/p90402571.jpg

Route description:

This tour follows three of the many stream valleys I like to refer to as my house routes. The valley streets are separated by nice up and downhill roads from which you can enjoy impressive views of the Westerwalds beautiful meadows and forests. This tour puts the driving itself in the center.

From our starting point at the A3 highway, providing filling stations for drivers and their machines, we first cross the Wiedbach-valley and drive down into the Rhein-valley. So we start right off with narrow cornering paired with a little up and downhill action before we get the chance to cruise and relax alongside the Rhein river for a while.  

Afterwards, I take you to my favorite house route where we enjoy corner after corner alongside the stream or an old ruine, almost just by ourselves there usually is no traffic.


The tour continues with a more famous route, the Sayn-valley. Here we will propably meet a lot of likeminded drivers understandably! But most of the people dont take the actual best part off from the federal road not like us of course! Here we will have left around 100 km behind us. Time for a beer garden break. 

View of the Westerwald, found at http://www.gastlandschaften.de/fileadmin/gastlandschaften/Regionen/westerwald/natur_landschaft/Westerwald_Blick_ueber_den_Westerwald.jpg

At the end of the Sayn-valley we change to the last part of our tour and follow the whole Wiedbach-valley we have only crossed before. Here, the street was built like what the stream carved into the ground perfect conditions for us!


After taking the Wiedbach-valley to its quasi end we go directly back to our starting point at the highway. There you will find it very easy to continue your journey in any direction.


Who has not gotten enough at this point can join me on a few more beautiful roads spontaneously.

Random Alt-Wied ruine, found at http://www.hotelpierre.de/fileadmin/Redaktion/Bilder/Slider/Alt-Wied-Slider.jpg

Way of driving:

How challenging this tour is for you really just depends on your ambitions. I will drive in the front and keep an eye in the mirror, so that I can see who would like to go a bit faster for a while and adjust my pace. In case we lose each other at some point you will see me waiting for you at the next junction.

In general, I drive very relaxed and predictable. Im never in a hurry, but you wont see chicken stripes on my tires either. I know the roads and all places where we need to slow down.


Of course, we can have as many breaks as we want. Opportunities for a rest are plenty, and I am more than happy to regard your questions and wishes. Just overtake me quickly, stop along the road and we will find what youre looking for. 

Your experience designer Bastian:

Grown up in one of the Westerwalds small villages, my first 125cm³ motorcycle, a 2-stroke Aprilia, meant nothing less than pure freedom to me. This relationship with motorcycles hasnt changed since then. In the last 9 years I only unwilingly missed opportunities for a trip. Although Im not an old stager clearly Im not lacking kilometers either. Driving motorcycles is the one thing I enjoy doing the most, and I get goosebumps everytime.

Currently I am driving a Yamaha MT-09 (or FZ-09 depending on where you buy it). In my eyes, its engine is a masterpiece and it fits perfectly for driving around in the Westerwald (btw in German a motorbike is always a she).

However, I recently took her with me to Norway, where Im doing a master degree and work on MyTravelding in my free time.


Nevertheless, I want to start with offering a tour in the Westerwald because its my home and I know the ways around there.

I will probably be back in Germany with her by the time we do the trip. If not, I will use my fathers or my brother in laws motorcylce, a 1300 ccm BMW respectively my former 600 ccm Honda. 


When? Here you can book a date: http://doodle.com/poll/ivkgie3dvkc9dp2n

For questions just contact bastian@mytravelding.de 

Also, if you would really like to do this trip but the doodle calendar doesn't provide a fitting option, please send me an email.

I'm looking forward to meet you :-)