What is mytravelding?

When I visited my friend in Finland whom I got to now on an exchange in Spain, we simply went on a road trip through the country. For him it wasnt something special at all. But for me, an admittedly work oriented German, it is now the most memorable travel of my life.



When I think back, I am standing naked on a rock on a small island in the south of Finland. No one else is around. Theres pure silence except for the sound of our campfire. I breath, spread my arms and feel nothing but free.


When I came back to Germany I asked myself: What the hell could I show my friend visiting me here? There is nothing to see.

But thats where I was wrong. I jumped on my motorcycle, did the same trip as usual but changed my perspective from a local to a traveler. And it was amazing!


I thought: Damn! I have to show this to the world! How do I do that?

Thats where I had the idea of MyTravelding.


Its a platform that helps you creating amazing experiences for others and finding the same for yourself.

So, on the one side of the platform you can be an explorer. You find unique travel experiences all over the world according to your personal interests.

On the other side of the platform you can become an experience designer. You show others around and be rewarded for simply doing what you love to do. The platform provides you with all the help you need to make it as easy as pie.


When I close my eyes, I am in Finland again - naked.


But the question is not, why I was naked. The question is: What do you want to remember for the rest of your life?

You find the answer with MyTravelding.


Create your future memories!


If you are curious about the idea and want to stay tuned, just follow the MyTravelding facebook page!

For all German speakers and those who want to know how it sounds: Feel free to watch the idea pitch and first public presentation of MyTravelding!